A Best of Breed Sourcing Solution Market Dojo Sourcing

Rapidly go-to-market, ensure the best price and drive adoption.
Leverage intuitive AI-driven tenders and eAuctions with Market Dojo Sourcing:

  • Save Cost: 16% reduction.

    Streamline traditional sourcing methods with easy competitive pricing and online negotiation

  • Accelerate Process:

    Save over 40% time gathering and formatting data and compliance.

  • Control Risk:

    Enforce procurement and company-wide policy whilst building supplier resilience, diversity and ESG success

  • Gain Insight:

    Autonomous sourcing, continuous updates, AI and predictive analytics providing decision ready data

  • Ensure Adoption:

    Easy to use, with world-class support. Transparently engage, collaborate and innovate with stakeholders and suppliers

  • Empower Procurement:

    Evolve your Procurement team from a reactive back office function to a proactive, strategic resource

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