Logitech was interested in increasing engagement levels within their supplier base in a way that was quick and easy. Obtaining true market value was also a goal of theirs.


The Need

For too long, the process for prospective suppliers looking to engage with Logitech consisted of sending an email to whichever Logitech email address they could find. The supplier would hope the email would find its way to the correct department or individual. This method was proving to be inefficient with the procurement team having limited visibility of potential innovative suppliers who could add great value.

“…as a procurement team, we didn’t have a web page or a method for recommending suppliers across the business… so we were looking to implement a prospective supplier channel to find those ‘diamond in the rough’ suppliers.”

David Latten – Head of Global Indirect Procurement – Logitech


The Benefits

Logitech has utilised our supplier onboarding solution (SIM Dojo) which has the ability to create a portal for suppliers. Suppliers can now visit this portal to explain how they can be of benefit to Logitech, answer a simple questionnaire that can help categorise them as a supplier and glean useful information to help Logitech build a better database for the future.

“Our new solution allows suppliers to find our channel, follow the steps to answer our questionnaires which can then be scored by our internal procurement function to build our bench of suppliers.”

“Market Dojo is not just a tech stack, their real assets are their knowledgeable staff, people who help obtain transformative results.”


  • Global Supplier Portal

  • Document Uplaods

  • Centralised Data

  • Integrated Questionnaires

  • Multi Scoring

  • Advanced Sourcing Functionality

Support for the Solution

  • Support Desk

  • Training Provided

  • Built in Walkthroughs

  • Online Documentation

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