Kaiser + Kraft adopt Market Dojo’s eSourcing solution as part of their digital transformation journey. They were looking for a tool that would allow them to consolidate all of their documents, prices, and responses into a single repository.


The Need

Like all companies, Kaiser + Kraft wanted to ensure they were utilising their supply chain as efficiently as possible. To do this they needed a robust eSourcing solution that could easily be adopted by their team.

“We first turned to Market Dojo when looking for assistance with our tenders… The real goal was to easily compare our suppliers’ prices to ensure we are making the right decisions in the supply chain… Of the other solutions we looked at, Market Dojo was the best fit when it came to ease of use and intuitive design.” – Eva Nickolaus, Director of Logistics


The Benefits

Market Dojo is our easy-to-use eSourcing solution, which allows procurement teams to effectively manage data, minimise costs, and mitigate risk while delivering real value. By running tenders and negotiating via on-demand auctions, users can identify the most suitable suppliers in the market and therefore save time and money.

Eva said “evaluating RFI questions with a points system through Market Dojo is very easy and convenient and has alleviated our problems…the standardization of submitting bids means that each supplier must submit their bid in the centralized Market Dojo solution. All data is then securely stored in the tool, even if you have to access it again many years later.”

Kaiser + Kraft would recommend Market Dojo for companies that want to save time and money in their tendering processes, or simply want to work better as a team.


  • Multistaging RFQ’s

  • Event Cloning & Templates

  • Centralised Data

  • Integrated Questionnaires

  • Multi Scoring

  • Advanced Sourcing Functionality

Support for the Solution

  • Support Desk

  • Training Provided

  • Built in Walkthroughs

  • Online Documentation

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