Woqod were intrigued by Sourcing Dojo’s reverse auction functionality having felt there were savings to be made on their current costs. The centralisation of all data and negotiations was of equal importance.


The Need

The procurement team at Woqod was aware that reverse auctioning could lead to a quick return on investment. Inviting all of their suppliers to one event meant they were able to create efficiency during the sourcing process and analyse results in minutes rather than hours or days.

“We wanted to generate savings on our costs as well as bring more visibility to our sourcing process. Having clear and concise visibility across our organisation’s purchases is of critical importance. The fact we can now keep a record of all negotiations in one central storage point is hugely beneficial.”     Mr Ravikumar Narayanan – Procurement Supervisor – Woqod


The Benefits

Sourcing Dojo allows procurement teams to effectively manage data, minimise costs, and mitigate risk while delivering real value. By running tenders and negotiating via on-demand auctions, users can identify the most suitable suppliers in the market and therefore save time and money.

“We were impressed by how simple Sourcing Dojo made the process of running reverse auctions. It has allowed us to centralise all our negotiations with new and existing suppliers and streamline the tendering process. Saving us a lot of time.”

Woqod would recommend Market Dojo for companies that want to save time and money in their tendering processes, or simply want to work better as a team.


  • Multi-stage RFQ’s

  • Event Cloning & Templates

  • Centralised Data

  • Integrated Questionnaires

  • Multi Scoring

  • Advanced Sourcing Functionality

Support for the Solution

  • Support Desk

  • Training Provided

  • Built in Walkthroughs

  • Online Documentation

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