Rule 1: Reimagine Strategy

The old rules are dead, a new breed of procurement professional is rising, a new generation of digital natives, with an expectation of consumerised business technology, actionable insights and decision ready data. Combined with the old guard’s growing frustrations for influence and smarter ways of working.  The rules of engagement have changed.

start-up procurement administrators to enterprise CPO’s, it’s time to think big, assess the needs and values of your organisation, understand past data, challenge preconceptions and break down silos. By learning from our industry leading changemakers and adopting the New Rules of Procurement Strategy you will have the remedy for many of the pains common to procurement departments:

  • Insight

    Access past data to understand and shape the future

  • Risk

    Face the current challenges of ESG, Inflation and Talent crisis head on

  • Change Management

    Effectively collaborate and manage change with stakeholders

  • Digital Transformation

    Support the transformation agenda, maximise adoption, automate and accelerate performance

  • Business Continuity

    Move from a tactical, reactive function to a proactive, strategic department aligned with business needs

  • Value Creation

    Increase influence in the organisation through raising visibility of procurement’s real business value

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