The old rules are dead, a new breed of procurement professional is rising, a new generation of digital natives, with an expectation of consumerised business technology, actionable insights and decision ready data. Combined with the old guard’s growing frustrations for influence and smarter ways of working.  The rules of engagement have changed…

These changemakers will not stand for outdated ways of working, paper based systems, fragmented data, unmanaged risk and legacy one size fits all technology. With the advancements in best of breed tech, automation and new ways of working the expectation of value creation becomes the new normal. The bar has been raised.

From start-up procurement administrators to enterprise CPO’s, the new breed are on a mission to transform risk to opportunity, data into actionable insights, silos to seamless collaboration, and outdated process and misaligned tech to automated, high performance best-of-breed solutions.  Change is inevitable
, the new breed are on a mission to rapidly evolve the once undervalued procurement team of yesterday from a fragmented, reactive back office function to a collaborative, strategic high profile enterprise resource for tomorrow.

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