Benefits of ESG Strategy in a Sustainable World

Optimise your ESG strategy and achieve sustainability, goals with our market-leading, award-winning supplier management software. Increased pressure from many parties in the supply chain has swiftly made ESG a priority within the procurement cycle. With SIM Dojo, drive your ESG strategy through procurement, utilising powerful cloud-based software and advanced data reporting.

  • Manage Your Company Reputation

    Today's businesses face significant regulatory, market and social pressures to align their interests with society's priorities. Failing to recognise this and implement solutions directly impacts brand perception and reputation. A sustainable supply chain uses ESG data to consider environmental concerns and adopts a socially responsible approach to business.

    However, sustainability is only one area where ESG benefits your business. It also aids social aspects such as labour efficiency and productivity as well as areas of governance such as legal and regulatory concerns/compliance. The latter is especially crucial when it comes to appealing to new investors and maintaining the confidence of current backers.

    With SIM Dojo, use ESG data to create in-depth profiles to identify high-quality suppliers that support your ESG strategy — all while avoiding ESG risks and protecting your reputation.

  • Avoid ESG-Related Supply Chain Disruptions

    Today, sustainability is among the vital considerations of any supply chain, allowing you to adopt an effective approach to issues such as environmental pollution and employee health & safety. An effective and efficiently implemented ESG strategy prevents disruptions to your daily operations and your entire supply chain.

    SIM Dojo offers regular, robust communication to easily integrate ESG goals while centralising supplier data for maximum impact. Learn more about suppliers, ensure they are committed to ESG and avoid the risks of working with those who have little or no ESG considerations.

    A key aspect of success in this regard is an awareness of your suppliers’ ESG goals and their current progress in achieving them. If they are yet to achieve them or are only just getting started with ESG, you can work with them to address ESG risks to your supply chain.

  • Reduce Compliance and Regulatory Risks

    A supply chain that considers ESG and is supported by SIM Dojo provides awareness of compliance and regulatory risks associated with ESG. ESG data offers insight and a broader understanding of what environmental, social and governance factors play a role in your supply chain and those that should be prioritised. This ensures you can remain one step ahead by implementing ethical and environmental factors into the supplier onboarding process as and when they occur.

    Of course, this benefits your company massively but also offers a huge advantage to investors looking for a quick and easy way to screen for appropriate ESG factors before making decisions. Compliance and regulatory risks are among the top concerns for all parties throughout the supply chain. Avoid them with an effective ESG strategy and the tools to support it.

    Streamline data capturing processes to increase efficiency and take a proactive stance to consistently achieve ESG goals. All the while ensuring that your current and new suppliers are equally as motivated to help the environment and those who inhabit it.

What Our Customers SayAbout Our ESG Procurement Tools

Javier M.
Ágil y enfocado a resultados Una de las razones porque decidí utilizar MarketDojo fue la facilidad de configurar eventos , ya sea licitaciones o subastas inversas, siempre enfocada en los resultados. Organiza estructuralmente la información que recoge de cada participante al evento, ésto beneficia el proceso de presentación del adjudicado hacia niveles gerenciales así como al área de auditoría interna de la organización. EN mi experiencia pude obtener mas de 10% de ahorros, 4 % mas del ahorro planeado. Muy recomendado! ☺Fácil de configurar eventos. Comunicación fluída con los participantes. ☹Modalidades de suscripción mas competitivias
David B.
One of the best eSourcing tools This is a great company to work with and they are very customer focused, as seen with their on-demand business model. ☺MarketDojo is simple to use and covers all the common use cases for strategic sourcing projects and events. Setting up auctions and RFx are very straight forward and easy on the suppliers. ☹No advanced optimization capabilities are available for scenario based analysis, but exporting to Excel can generally overcome that.
Max K.
Best in class eTendering software Fantastic company to work with, great software and an extremely knowledgeable and friendly team in support. ☺Easy to build RFQ's / RFP's. Most important of all is the ability to evaluate multiple supplier pricing responses without having to spend weeks re-formatting the excel spreadsheets they have sent back - huge time saver. Also using the MarketDojo esourcing tool drives far more competition (and therefore better pricing and savings from competing suppliers) - the psychological element of competition this plays on with suppliers should not be underestimated as it's extremely powerful. ☹It would be great if there could be an integration with public sector tender portals such as Find a Tender, Tenders Direct, Due North etc as not having this integration can prevent certain clients taking the product forward.
Nancy M.
Great customer service ☺Customer Service is awesome. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] is always very helpful. ☹For our suppliers to go in and register, they have a hard time navigating and tell me often that it's not very clear or user-friendly. I don't like when I am updating the COI by Proxy for the supplier, that it goes back into the whole approval process again even though they are already approved.
arvid f.
Great products The service is great, both the product and the support you receive from the very helpful staff. ☺The products are designed in such a way that they are very easy to set up and use. We have successfully used the product with both SMEs and big multinational companies ☹I do not have any specific negative feedback.
Petra A.
Super happy user I am very happy to work in the tool and look forward to learn even more. The tool has saved a lot of time for me and also made the final conclusions more easy to do. ☺The speed and simplicity to evaluate the replies in the tenders. Also the tool make the offers from the participants more equal and comparable. ☹For me, it has been a bit steep learing curve to use the tool but on the other hand, the support from the Market Dojo team is exceptionally good so it is nothing to worry about.
Lucy C.
CTB Charity Auction My overall experience was amazing! In my first meeting we quickly established everything we needed to get in place & within only a few days I received a version of the graphic design for the system & for the interface along with the initial Auction List layout. The catalogue design was also absolutely second to none! I made a number of changes to lots & prices but nothing was ever too much trouble & all of these changes were made promptly! I felt that Market DOJO has really listened to what I needed & as a result there were very few design or layout amendments which made for a smooth run. The way that [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] managed the project really was outstanding - always keeping me updated with progress & sending me To Do lists of what was left. It was a total breath of fresh air to work with a company who cares so much about its clients & ensures that the maximum quality project was delivered. The result of the auction was £6300 raised which was totally amazing & we thank Market DOJO again. Thanks, Lucy Chatting ☺The software was really easy to use for the auction in terms of managing the auction lots, editing the lots & setting reserve pricing. It was also very easy to contact the bidders either one by one or as a group throughout the auction. Messages also came back easily. Any IT issues we had were also logged via the software & amended really quickly. It was also great for reviewing the latest & highest bids & placing new bids. The design, layout & look & feel were second to none & I received many comments about this. ☹It is hard for us to say as we were lucky enough to be able to use this software free of charge for the charity. I personally think it would be good to show images of the lots on the auction & also to show current highest bids for all lots even if you havent bid on it. Finally it would be good to notify bidders when they get outbid.
Jody C.
Easy e-auction software Very good experience, the team at marketdojo are keen to help and set up your auctions to get started, and help during the auction itself. Recommended ☺Easy and simple to use and set up Quick to run ☹Takes a little time to set up and invite suppliers vs simply emailing a tender spreadsheet, but this is rewarded with better prices (has been in my experience so far).
Francis O.
Time Efficient ☺The cascade setups that comes with the RFP questionnaire down to documents upload is just what we need to ensure compliance and agreement with own terms and conditions from the very beginning. ☹Auction downloads should have some complimentary graphs for a better management reporting.

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Market Dojo: Award-Winning Provider of Solutions Supporting ESG

We’re procurement software professionals, and we care about the environment. Our experts have spent years tailoring our solutions to simplify and enhance the way you do business. We can help you improve aspects such as employee health & safety and labour concerns, avoid compliance and regulatory risks — and also help the environment while you’re at it!

Market Dojo’s industry-leading services and dedication to the sector haven’t gone unnoticed by many awarding bodies, which we’re thankful for. Our solutions offer value to your procurement goals and ESG strategy, improving your business across the board.

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How Does Sustainable Procurement Optimise ESG Strategy?

Market Dojo helps modern businesses incorporate ESG into the foundations of their supply chain through efficient and data-driven supplier onboarding. Using our cloud-based platform, you can fully optimise your supplier onboarding with ESG in mind. As the pressures of being a sustainable business increase, take a proactive approach to sustainable procurement while benefitting from continued improvements to maximise success.

  • Centralised Supplier Management

    Support your ESG strategy with our centralised supplier management hub. Ensure data is ESG-focused and accessible when onboarding and monitoring suppliers, all using a singular and powerful digital platform.

  • ESG Strategy Integration

    With SIM Dojo, you can implement your ESG strategy and goals right away with supplier onboarding. From day one with new suppliers, your ESG goals aren't just incorporated — they're a focus of attention and a key consideration moving forwards.

  • ESG Risk Management

    With SIM Dojo supplier risk software, all potential supplier information is right in front of you, including details about their ESG considerations and applications. Easily visualise required solutions relating to ESG and make more informed decisions — allowing you to take a proactive approach and avoid risks.

  • ESG Questionnaires

    Alongside our other customisable questionnaires, you can use ESG questionnaires to quickly and easily assess your category strategies and supplier base. This is a brilliant method of getting to know potential suppliers better and offers intuitive solutions for many aspects of the onboarding process.

  • Easy-to Access Supplier Portal

    Our software allows prospective suppliers to update their information at any time, from anywhere in the world. This makes life as easy as possible for suppliers and provides the platform needed to maintain an accurate, real-time understanding of their ESG information.

  • Customise Your Workflow

    Build rounder, fuller and more dynamic profiles with management options tailored to your suppliers. Centrally maintain compliant supplier lists that support and benefit your ESG strategy.

  • Avoid Risks with a Secure Audit Trail

    Protect your business from ESG compliance and regulatory risks with our full audit trails. All questionnaires (including ESG questionnaires) and compliance checks are stored and archived permanently. Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all data and documents relating to ESG — ensuring and maintaining supplier compliance at all times.

  • Dedicated Support

    Issues relating to ESG are common in today's market and can cause many problems for modern businesses. Our support team offers support and can guide you through your procurement journey, providing a 365-day support service. You can reach us on live chat, telephone or by email.

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Case Studies

Ground Control

In covering such a vast array of categories within the Construction Division, the procurement team at Ground control needed a simple and effective way of streamlining their processes.



Logitech is a global leader in a wide variety of personal peripherals including PC, gaming, Internet communications. As with most organisations, COVID-19 has brought them some interesting challenges within their supply chain.


Adler & Allan

Adler & Allan previously managed their supplier onboarding and management via phone calls, emails and spreadsheets. As the business grew, and the supplier numbers increased, it was becoming a challenge to manage the information and be proactive.


Ground Control

In covering such a vast array of categories within the Construction Division, the procurement team at Ground control needed a simple and effective way of streamlining their processes.



Logitech is a global leader in a wide variety of personal peripherals including PC, gaming, Internet communications. As with most organisations, COVID-19 has brought them some interesting challenges within their supply chain.


Adler & Allan

Adler & Allan previously managed their supplier onboarding and management via phone calls, emails and spreadsheets. As the business grew, and the supplier numbers increased, it was becoming a challenge to manage the information and be proactive.


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