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As part of Market Dojo’s Transforming Procurement Event Series, we teamed up with partners Esker, Spend HQ and Genpact to meet with industry leaders, CPO’s, CFO’s and transformation trailblazers to understand how to accelerate performance for Procurement and Finance with AI. In this fascinating summary report, you will gain the following insights:

  • Learn from Tom Mills

    The Procurement Protagonist™ & Head of Procurement at Bibby Financial Services explores whether AI is game changing or game ending.

  • Panel discussion key takeaways

    Reviewing technology’s role in the future of procurement with Tim Snow, Vice President & CPO, Inmarsat, Michael Hutchinson, Global Procurement Director, Genpact, Kodali Krishna, Vice President Procurement, Genpact, Rahul Rajagopal, Head of Procurement, Chelsea FC.

  • Benchmark your market performance, knowledge and ability to execute

    Understand the market maturity for critical industry topics including AI & digital transformation, spend intelligence and ESG.

  • AI is here to stay, how will you capitalise on this unprecedented opportunity for Procurement? Take your next step. Download the report.

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