• With Quick Quotes, it's difficult to find reasons not to use it. My team think its great. We were worried everyone would say you send too much stuff but everyone's feedback has been “we love it”.

    William Bridgman / Managing Director at Warren Services
  • I managed to generate a 48% saving in 2 hours so was very happy with the result! I would definitely recommend these guys. I honestly don't have a bad word to say about them. Excellent service, excellent software and a fantastic experience.

    Tara Hunt / Category Manager, Arqiva
  • discover how our customers specsavers are using market dojo for their reverse auction and esourcing events

    The company and people are intuitive, young and enthusiastic in nature. Specsavers will be looking to use Market Dojo as a ‘business as usual’ tool and regard it as an integral part of their negotiation toolkit.

    Jasper Raby / Procurement Consultant, Specsavers


Market Dojo can help you get more out of your eSourcing activities. Whether you're looking to run Open, Ranked or Japanese Reverse Auctions.

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Why run an auction

Learn how you can run rapid reverse auctions for as little as £500 per month.

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Discover our features

Discover how you can use complex functionality such as scenario analysis and weighting.


The On-Demand eSourcing Solution

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What is e-auction in Procurement?

e-Auctions (Reverse Auctions) is a well-known e-Sourcing model between auctioneers and bidders which takes place on an electronic marketplace (E-Auction Software). E-Auctions work by putting a downward price by introducing competition into the procurement process and determine the winner whom the contract is awarded

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What is e-sourcing software?

E-Sourcing software is a technology that enables e-auction in procurement and enables companies to get more sourcing and savings with e-sourcing tools in an intuitive way. E-sourcing software helps you conduct market research for purchase requests, adopt policies and parameters of suppliers, control sourcing requirements, manage bid strategy, run reverse auction events and award to suitable suppliers as strategic sourcing.

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What is reverse auction software?

Reverse auction software enables procurement professionals to carry reverse auctions to drive suppliers and reduce costs. Reverse auction software allows buyers to communicate with sellers to refine their bids or contract requirements. Market Dojo extends your procurement capabilities and lets you run an e-auction in no time. Market Dojo’s experts will help you to run your first e-auction event.

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What service does Market Dojo Provides?

Market Dojo offers a vast array of capabilities that help procurement professionals get the most out of their e-sourcing activities with our easy to use and intuitive reverse auction software immediately. Designed by procurement specialists, our solutions aim to help you centralise your information and negotiate the best value for your goods and services.


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Forward And Reverse Auctions

Run on-demand forward or reverse auction events to ensure that you are reaching the market price.

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Weighted Functionality

Easily combine questionnaire scores with pricing to give an overall weighted score.

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Effortless Analytics

Discover savings figures, export results into excel and generate event summaries and event reports

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Simple And Advanced Lots

Use our lot matrix functionality to allow both single and multi line item events that meet your requirements.

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Live Auction Manager

Use event templates or clone events for repeatability. Pause, Terminate or Extend your live auctions for full control.

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Open, Ranked And Japanese Events

Use multiple auctions types to ensure that you are using the best sourcing strategy for your category.


  • RFP, RFI and RFQ functionality
  • Dynamic Event Setup
  • Lot Matrix
  • Scoring Functionality
  • Multi Scoring
  • Event Cloning
  • Quick Quotes
  • Full API Integration
  • Proxy Bidding

  • Forward and Reverse Auctions
  • Open, Ranked and Japanese Types
  • Savings Analysis
  • Customisable Templates
  • Weighted Events
  • Live Auction Manager
  • Consultative Advice
  • World Class Support
  • Qualification & Prebidding

  • Procurement Ecosystem
  • Enterprise Adminstation
  • Full Excel Integration
  • Live Messenging
  • Supplier Database Manager
  • Whitelabelled Sourcing Portal
  • Template Libraries
  • Testing Environment
  • Advanced Reporting


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Accessible through our support page to guide you through the software.

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Use our expansive library of auction guides to boost your confidence.

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Learn how other companies have ran reverse auctions

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