Welcome to the eAuctions Community, a collaborative, inclusive hub for industry pros where members & experts come together in a supportive community to share knowledge, experiences, and insights on reducing apprehension and breaking down barriers when it comes to eAuctions.

Join industry pro Lewis Barnard in the quarterly, virtual sessions to connect and network with eAuction experts, driving better eAuction success within your procurement team. Here’s why you should be part of it:

  • Network with Fellow Experts:

    Engage in lively discussions with like-minded professionals, sharing insights and experiences on relevant industry topics related to eAuctions.

  • Access Best Practice Advice:

    Benefit from the wisdom of experienced eAuction practitioners, gaining valuable advice on eAuction adoption and implementation strategies.

  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions:

    Participate in informative sessions delving into practical examples of eAuction use cases, empowering you with the know-how to navigate eAuctions effectively.

  • Boost Confidence:

    Gain confidence in your eAuction capabilities through interactive sessions aimed at maximizing success and achieving optimal outcomes.

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