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Gather new ideas from suppliers in your network.


Make suppliers feel valuable by asking for their ideas.


Develop a proactive supply chain by constantly improving.


Foster good two-way relationships through collaboration.

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Our Supplier Innovation Features


Topics are the top-level entity that you wish to receive ideas for, i.e. 'New packaging designs'. Topics can be created either by you or by your suppliers.


Participants can explain their ideas based on financial benefits, resources required, timescales, challenges, and give a general overview supplemented with attachments.


An easy to use interface to score the participants' ideas once they come in. Use a simple 1 to 5 rating or a more complex scorecard against such criteria as Time, Resource, Cost, Financial Opportunity, Urgency, and Importance.


Ideas Compare your scored ideas to filter out those with immediate & accessible benefits from those that may carry more risk. Manage your ideas pipeline by marking their status and archive ideas that are not immediately suitable.

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Market Dojo’s range of solutions include our supplier collaboration module that prompts engagement and improves relationships whilst encouraging innovation within your supply chain.

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Compare Plan Features

Supplier Relationship Management PricingFree PlanMonthly Licence
Billed Monthly (for 1 users)
Admin This is where you can edit the organisational settings.
Participant Groups Create and label different participant groups.
Document Library Create your own document library.
White Label Create a bespoke subdomain and mirror your brand.
User Hierarchy Assign user permissions within the tool.
Create Real Innovation Topics Create innovation topics for the supplier to send you ideas.
Unlimited Innovation Portal Use Create as many topics as you need. -
Host Creation of Topics The host has the ability to create a topic that you would like the participant to submit ideas against. -
Participant Creation of Topics The participant can create their own topic and idea. This can then be assessed and also the topic can be made available to other participants. -
Unlimited Idea Submission Obtain as many ideas as you can handle. -
Simple and Complex Scoring Mechanisms The scoring of the ideas can be carried out in two ways. Either a simple 1-5 or a more complex bespoke methodology that Market Dojo has developed which looks at Priority and Implementation.. -
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