Why Choose us for Supplier Onboarding?


Our clients save thousands of man hours using Supplier Onboarding.


Ensure suppliers adhere to your policies and the latest legislation.


Avoid costly lapses due to expired insurance certificates with automatic reminders.


Reduce the time to onboard a supplier from weeks to days.


Powerful analytics providing decision ready data at your finger tips.


Easy to use, with world class support. Transparently engage, collaborate and innovate with stakeholders and suppliers


Evolve your Procurement team from a reactive back office function to a proactive, strategic resource.

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Our Supplier Onboarding Features


Efficiently onboard and categorise new or potential suppliers through your own tailored workflow with tagging, action tracking, approval loops, version control and reporting.


Integrates seamlessly with Market Dojo’s eSourcing and opportunity analysis software. Supplier Onboarding covers the entire pipeline, from sourcing through to onboarding.


Unique and tailored questionnaires depending on the type of suppliers. Break your onboarding questionnaires down into easily answerable and relevant parts.


Our document expiry notification feature automatically lets you and your suppliers know that a document is due to go out of date. Make sure you’re mitigating the risk of out of date contracts and insurances.


Optionally allow potential suppliers to register their interest and give you more information about their companies without having to go out and find them. Cut down on incoming cold calls to your procurement team.


Easily adhere to legislation such as the Modern Slavery Act by centralising all your information, available to all who need it in one convenient place.

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Discover Our On-Demand And Flexible Procurement Solutions

Market Dojo’s range of solutions include our supplier onboarding module that allows users to customise and streamline onboarding processes whilst mitigating risk and ensuring compliance is upheld throughout.

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Supplier Relationship Management PricingFree PlanMonthly Licence
Billed Monthly (for 1 users)
Onboarding Event Creation Create Your Own Onboarded Event Tailored To Your Business
Create Your Own Questionnaires Build Questionnaires Structured In The Way Want
Design Workflows And Approvals Streamline Your Onboarding Process With Scoring And Approvals
Go Live Take Your Event To Market With Live Suppliers -
Graphical Dashboard Easily Analyse Your Supplier In The Supplier Onboarding Process -
Supplier Portal Have Your Own White-Labelled Supplier Portal For Participant To Login -
Internal Action Tracking Track Actions Such As Approvals, Scoring And Much More! -
Supplier Reminders Set Reminders For Suppliers To Complete Actions -
Supplier Notes Set Up Notes On Specific Participants -
Customer Supplier Groups Create Your Own Groups For Suppliers -
Expiry Tracking Track Documents And Send/Receive Notifications -
Flexible Adoption Fees Bespoke Pricing For Your Business -
Unlimited Internal Users Unlimited Host Users To Administrate The Process -
Supplier Tagging Tag Supplier Contacts For Easy Categorisation -
Questionnaire Template Create Your Own Templates For Questionnaires -
Version Control Use The Software Version That Best Serves Your Needs -
User Hierarchy Create Your Own User Hierarchy For Internal Users -
Whitelabelling Have Your Own White-Labelled Onboarding Portal And Supplier Help Page -
Supplier Custom Fields Add Custom Fields To Your Supplier Contacts To Store The Information That's Important To You -
Automated Workflows And Approvals Set Up Your Own Automated Workflows And Approval Loops To Direct Suppliers To Relevant Questionnaires And Gain The Information You Need
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Market Dojo can help to set up and manage your live supplier onboarding and sourcing events

Additional Suppliers

Invite more suppliers to your supplier onboarding events than the initial first 500

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Advanced Reporting

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