Wavin adopt Market Dojo’s eSourcing solution as part of their digital transformation journey. Since 2018 they have had five separate teams all utilizing Market Dojo to optimise their results.


The Need

There were no pain points as such, rather a case of adapting a process that needs to move with the times, to optimise results. “I think at Wavin it was more a case of look, we have a changing world at the moment, we are facing digitalisation and we need to look for smart solutions to help optimise our work.” – Daniel Hack, Territory Buyer


The Benefits

Market Dojo is our easy-to-use eSourcing solution, which allows procurement teams to effectively manage data, minimise costs, and mitigate risk while delivering real value. By running tenders and negotiating via on-demand auctions, users can identify the most suitable suppliers in the market and therefore save time and money.

Daniel said ”It’s always good to standardise the way of working in an online environment so we looked for online tools. We understood the importance of working online at this moment in time, with digitalisation, and that I think was the main reason we went for an eSourcing platform, to standardise the process of tendering.”

  • Multistaging RFQ’s

  • Event Cloning & Templates

  • Centralised Data

  • Integrated Questionnaires

  • Multi Scoring

  • Advanced Sourcing Functionality

The Service for the Software

  • Support Desk

  • Training Provided

  • Built in Walkthroughs

  • Online Documentation

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