Why Choose Category Dojo for Opportunity Analysis?


Identify where your best category procurement opportunities are.


Compare different procurement strategies for the best chance of success.


Build a sourcing pipeline based on your criteria for the best route to market.


Benefit from automatically generated, easy to read reporting.

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Our Opportunity Analysis Features


Use Category Dojo to model your spend into supplier-facing categories and sub-categories. The software allows you to run reports on particular branches to identify where your greatest opportunities lie.


Using our knowledge and experience, we have devised proprietary algorithms to automate this category analysis. This will become more powerful with continuous benchmarking and assessment.


Use our Sourcing Strategy report to give a guideline on which sourcing options might be best for each category, be it an RFI, RFQ or an eAuction. We’ll even tell you how suitable the category is for an eAuction.


Put yourself in your suppliers’ shoes and understand their perspective. With our Power Balance report, weigh up perspectives from either side of the negotiation table to truly understand your supplier relationships.


Ensure returns for your effort with our Time vs. Return report. This report ranks your categories by the greatest expected returns on investment. This helps you to prioritise and gain quick wins.


Use our Savings report to robustly display potential savings within your existing spend, back to the rest of the business with a clear pipeline built specifically for you and your key stakeholders.

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Market Dojo’s range of solutions include our latest supplier relationship management module. Featuring an intuitive interface and advanced capability, our module ensures procurement professionals get the most out of their activities.

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Compare Plan Features

Category Dojo Pricing Free Plan Monthly Licence
Billed Monthly (for 1 users)
Unlimted Spend Portfolios Create as many spend portfolios as you like
Unlimited Spend Categories Under each spend portfolio, you create spend categories such as Office Supplies or IT Consumables
Full Category Reporting With the paid version you have access to all reports. -
Full Sourcing Integration Category Dojo is fully integrated with our eSourcing application.
User Management Category Dojo has detailed user management and ability to set bespoke permissions
Sourcing Strategy See which sourcing strategy is best - a simple RFQ or is an auction possible?
Spend Vs Complexity Look at your spend categories from the dimensions of spend and complexity.
Priortisation Which category should you tackle first? Where are the low hanging fruit?
Time vs Return Based on your spend category inputs, which returns can be achieved the fastest? -
Expected Savings What are the expected savings from my category? -
Incumbent Power Balance How important is this category to yourself? How important are you to your supplier? See the power balance from both sides. -
Report Summary Download and report summary in a nice format
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Seamlessly share data between other solutions via what is commonly known as an API Integration.

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