The costs detailed below are based on individual users, number of suppliers or number of contracts. Discounts to monthly costs will be applied based on the number of users and licence duration. Multi-product discounts are also available.

To view your personalised quote, add one or more of the following products, or add to an existing bundle. Then select the number of users, suppliers or contracts within the 'Package Customiser'. If you require a quote for more than 5 users please get in touch.

  • £500.00 /£417

    (on-demand/ annual)

    On-demand monthly or single event licence.Save 13% with an annual licence from £417pcm

    • Launch live events - Run simple RFx & eAuctions
    • Access extensive templates & libraries
    • Full excel integration & custom fields
    • User management & live messaging
  • £1000.00 /£500

    (on-demand/ annual)

    On-demand monthly or single event licence. Save 50% with an annual licence from £500 pcm

    • AI copilot for enhanced productivity
    • Weighted events, collaborative & multi scoring
    • API integration
    • Access to a dedicated account manager
  • £1500.00 /£583

    (On-demand/ Annual)

    On-demand monthly or single event licence. Save 61% with an annual licence from £583 pcm

    • Advanced multi-stage RFx & eAuctions
    • Advanced lots & partial bidding
    • Global scale - multi-currency events
    • Access to advanced analytics
  • £50.00 /month

    (billed annually)

    Run RFQs with ease. From £50 / user /month (billed annually).

    • Rapid RFx creation
    • Eliminate emails
    • Fully auditable
  • £00.00 /month

    Sandpit User

    Gain key category spend insights. Limited functionality. Free version.

    • Categorise your spending
    • Identify opportunities using our algorithm
    • Access basic reporting
  • £83.33 /month

    (billed annually)

    Gain category spend insight. From £700 per user (billed annually).

    • All reports available
    • Understand savings
    • Sourcing integration
  • £00.00 /month

    for up to 10 contracts

    Manage your supplier contracts. Includes all functionality. Free version.

    • Includes 10 contracts
    • Ensure audibility
    • Full audit trail
  • £83.33 /month

    (billed annually)

    Manage your supplier contracts. From £5/contract (billed annually).

    • Includes 100 contracts
    • Ensure audibility
    • Full audit trail
  • £625 /month

    (billed annually)

    Onboard your suppliers. From £625 (billed annually).

    • Includes 500 suppliers
    • Make your event live
    • Unlimited internal users
  • £41.67 /month

    (billed annually)

    Collaborate with suppliers. From £41.67/month.

    • Admin and participant groups
    • Unlimited idea submission
    • Simple and complex scoring
  • £00.00 /month

    for up to 3 users

    Manage supplier relationships. Free version.

    • For up to 3 users
    • 10 activities per week
  • £50.00 /month

    for up to 5 users/month (billed annually)

    Manage supplier relationships. From £50.00 / for up to 5 users/month (billed annually).

    • Assign internal tasks
    • Track objectives
    • Centralise supplier data

Select a bundle below plus your additional products/addons as required.

  • Onboarding Premium

    10% Discount Applicable

    Start collecting your supplier information and protecting your business quickly and easily. Set up, launch and present results back to your organisation for your onboarding event.


    one off payment

    • Supplier Onboarding (£7500, 500 suppliers)

      An annual licence for our onboarding tool to manage and maintain information from your suppliers.

    • Supplier Onboarding event build (£1000, 2 days)

      Gain from our expertise advice on how to build the perfect onboarding event within Supplier Onboarding.

    • Data report creation using power bi (£1500)

      Our reporting experts will create bespoke reports to enable you to share your key data with your team and senior management.

    • Bespoke landing page (£250)

      Use a bespoke branded landing page to share key information with your suppliers to support their onboarding journey.

  • Supplier Management

    10% Discount Applicable

    Manage all of your supplier communication in one place. Whether it is your supplier contracts, phone calls, insurance documents, accounting information, or ideas for innovation, we have a tool to suit your needs.


    one off payment

    • Contract Management (£1000, 100 contracts)

      Keep all your contracts in one place with this easy to use contract management tool and set reminders and alerts.

    • Supplier Onboarding (£7500, 500 suppliers)

      Gain from our expertise advice on how to build the perfect onboarding event within Supplier Onboarding.

    • Supplier Management (£1080, 10 users)

      Centralise all of your supplier communication and information from your team in one place.

    • Supplier Innovation (£500, 1 user)

      Supplier Innovation provides a platform to collect and evaluate different ideas from your suppliers.

    • Landing page creation (£250)

      Use a bespoke branded landing page to share key information with your suppliers to support their onboarding journey.

    • Data report creation using power bi (£1500)

      Our reporting experts will create bespoke reports to enable you to share your key data with your team and senior management.

    • Contract uploading (£1500, 3 days)

      To aid the digitalisation of your contract management, let us do the hard work uploading your contracts into the tool.

  • Category Strategy

    10% Discount Applicable

    Opportunity Analysis not only helps you decide which category strategy is best but also helps you understand your potential savings opportunity. This bundle will enable you to embed Opportunity Analysis into your processes.


    one off payment

    • Opportunity Analysis licence (£3000, 5 users)

      An annual Opportunity Analysis licence that will allow you to build and analyse your spend categories.

    • Opportunity Analysis workshop (1 days, £1000 inc prep and report)

      Our category experts will get you started by creating an initial bespoke plan for your spend categories.

We want to ensure you gain the most from digitising your procurement processes. Whether it's training, support for your suppliers, a bespoke landing page or data reports, we are here to ensure you succeed.

  • Bespoke White Labelling Including URL

    Keep your brand at the forefront when using our tools with white-labeling and a custom URL.

  • Bespoke Landing Page

    Use a bespoke branded landing page to share key information with your suppliers to personalise their sourcing journey or to support their journey.

  • Consultancy by Day

    Ultilise our in-house procurement expertise to help drive your function forward.

  • Fully Managed Supplier Onboarding Service

    Our Market Dojo experts can take care of your supplier onboarding process.

  • Additional User Training

    For the times when you may need a helping hand.

  • Bespoke Software Developments

    Additional functionality or developmental changes to the tool, these will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

  • Strategic Category Workshops

    An interactive workshop to take your team through Opportunity Analysis and to build your initial category strategies

  • Creation of Bespoke Materials For Buyers And Suppliers

    Our Customer Success Management team will create specific materials, personalised with your business’ branding

  • Bespoke Supplier Training Webinar

    Take a unique approach in engaging your audience through a Market Dojo hosted webinar

  • Migration of Data

    To aid your transition, we can migrate data and supplier information from your existing solution into Supplier Onboarding. Typical number of days: Highly custom depending on complexity could be months – discuss with your account manager to understand the number of days required. 

  • Design, Build and Support of Events

    Sculpt your eSourcing and supplier onboarding events with our Customer Success and Support teams (1-3 days)

  • Bespoke Organisational Setup

    Let us help set up your organisation in our tool and align with your company structure (3 days)

  • Contract Uploading

    To aid the digitalisation of your contract management, let us do the hard work uploading your contracts into the tool. Typical number of days: Up to 5 days depending on the complexity

  • Best Practice Advice For Category Specific Sourcing Events

    Our team have a wealth of experience and are on hand to provide you with key hints and tips specific to your category.

  • Conducting Opportunity Assessment Workshops Using Opportunity Analysis

    We will help take your team through our tool and build initial category strategies using Opportunity Analysis.

  • Bespoke Data Reporting Using Power BI

    Our Smart Dashboards operate in real-time, meaning every event you run will be easily trackable. Keep up to date with your savings and latest events.


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What Our Customers SayAbout Our eSourcing Software

Javier M.
Ágil y enfocado a resultados Una de las razones porque decidí utilizar MarketDojo fue la facilidad de configurar eventos , ya sea licitaciones o subastas inversas, siempre enfocada en los resultados. Organiza estructuralmente la información que recoge de cada participante al evento, ésto beneficia el proceso de presentación del adjudicado hacia niveles gerenciales así como al área de auditoría interna de la organización. EN mi experiencia pude obtener mas de 10% de ahorros, 4 % mas del ahorro planeado. Muy recomendado! ☺Fácil de configurar eventos. Comunicación fluída con los participantes. ☹Modalidades de suscripción mas competitivias
David B.
One of the best eSourcing tools This is a great company to work with and they are very customer focused, as seen with their on-demand business model. ☺MarketDojo is simple to use and covers all the common use cases for strategic sourcing projects and events. Setting up auctions and RFx are very straight forward and easy on the suppliers. ☹No advanced optimization capabilities are available for scenario based analysis, but exporting to Excel can generally overcome that.
Max K.
Best in class eTendering software Fantastic company to work with, great software and an extremely knowledgeable and friendly team in support. ☺Easy to build RFQ's / RFP's. Most important of all is the ability to evaluate multiple supplier pricing responses without having to spend weeks re-formatting the excel spreadsheets they have sent back - huge time saver. Also using the MarketDojo esourcing tool drives far more competition (and therefore better pricing and savings from competing suppliers) - the psychological element of competition this plays on with suppliers should not be underestimated as it's extremely powerful. ☹It would be great if there could be an integration with public sector tender portals such as Find a Tender, Tenders Direct, Due North etc as not having this integration can prevent certain clients taking the product forward.
Nancy M.
Great customer service ☺Customer Service is awesome. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] is always very helpful. ☹For our suppliers to go in and register, they have a hard time navigating and tell me often that it's not very clear or user-friendly. I don't like when I am updating the COI by Proxy for the supplier, that it goes back into the whole approval process again even though they are already approved.
arvid f.
Great products The service is great, both the product and the support you receive from the very helpful staff. ☺The products are designed in such a way that they are very easy to set up and use. We have successfully used the product with both SMEs and big multinational companies ☹I do not have any specific negative feedback.
Petra A.
Super happy user I am very happy to work in the tool and look forward to learn even more. The tool has saved a lot of time for me and also made the final conclusions more easy to do. ☺The speed and simplicity to evaluate the replies in the tenders. Also the tool make the offers from the participants more equal and comparable. ☹For me, it has been a bit steep learing curve to use the tool but on the other hand, the support from the Market Dojo team is exceptionally good so it is nothing to worry about.
Lucy C.
CTB Charity Auction My overall experience was amazing! In my first meeting we quickly established everything we needed to get in place & within only a few days I received a version of the graphic design for the system & for the interface along with the initial Auction List layout. The catalogue design was also absolutely second to none! I made a number of changes to lots & prices but nothing was ever too much trouble & all of these changes were made promptly! I felt that Market DOJO has really listened to what I needed & as a result there were very few design or layout amendments which made for a smooth run. The way that [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] managed the project really was outstanding - always keeping me updated with progress & sending me To Do lists of what was left. It was a total breath of fresh air to work with a company who cares so much about its clients & ensures that the maximum quality project was delivered. The result of the auction was £6300 raised which was totally amazing & we thank Market DOJO again. Thanks, Lucy Chatting ☺The software was really easy to use for the auction in terms of managing the auction lots, editing the lots & setting reserve pricing. It was also very easy to contact the bidders either one by one or as a group throughout the auction. Messages also came back easily. Any IT issues we had were also logged via the software & amended really quickly. It was also great for reviewing the latest & highest bids & placing new bids. The design, layout & look & feel were second to none & I received many comments about this. ☹It is hard for us to say as we were lucky enough to be able to use this software free of charge for the charity. I personally think it would be good to show images of the lots on the auction & also to show current highest bids for all lots even if you havent bid on it. Finally it would be good to notify bidders when they get outbid.
Jody C.
Easy e-auction software Very good experience, the team at marketdojo are keen to help and set up your auctions to get started, and help during the auction itself. Recommended ☺Easy and simple to use and set up Quick to run ☹Takes a little time to set up and invite suppliers vs simply emailing a tender spreadsheet, but this is rewarded with better prices (has been in my experience so far).
Francis O.
Time Efficient ☺The cascade setups that comes with the RFP questionnaire down to documents upload is just what we need to ensure compliance and agreement with own terms and conditions from the very beginning. ☹Auction downloads should have some complimentary graphs for a better management reporting.

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