Why Choose us for Sourcing?

Save cost & Accelerate Process

16% average saving & 40% time saving. Streamline traditional Sourcing methods with easy competitive pricing and online negotiation.

On Demand

Accessible & scalable. On-demand model enables you to only pay for what you need. We help you scale in line with your procurement maturity and success.

Control Risk

Enforce procurement and company wide compliance whilst building supplier resilience, diversity and ESG success

Gain Insight

Automate sourcing, continuous updates, AI and predictive analytics providing decision ready data

Ensure adoption

Easy to use, with world class support. Transparently engage, collaborate and innovate with stakeholders and suppliers

Empower Procurement

Evolve your Procurement team from a reactive back office function to a proactive, strategic resource.

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Our Sourcing Features

Advanced sourcing functionality

Perform all tender activities in one simple-to-use platform. Run RFIs, RFPs and RFQs, event weighting, document uploads and advanced pricing tables. Capture everything you would have done in a traditional spreadsheet and more whilst transforming static, siloed information into centralised, compliant, collaborative, decision-ready data.

Auctions with Automation

One of the most easy-to-use auction tools on the market, from simple lots to entire bill of materials, run Open, Ranked or Japanese forward and reverse auctions with our AI, automated features and guided support be confident in securing the best possible performance.

Multi-stage RFx & Multiscoring

Easy to configure participant inclusion and bid deadlines for every round, with optional visibility for real-time bid ranking. Run complex weighted events with multi scoring, simply automate the process or allow users and groups to score for enhanced, collaborative outcomes.

Event cloning & templates

The simple template system avoids lengthy set-up times and allows consistent formats throughout all events. Replicate part, or the entirety of, a previous event for rapid deployment.

Excel import & export

Enable participants to bid through spreadsheets thanks to Excel integration for event creation. Hosts are also able to export detailed summaries to produce post-event reports or import to other systems.

AI powered questionnaires

Specifying requirements and requesting supplier information has never been easier. Create weighted questionnaires with different question types, tables and document uploads powered by generative AI. Automatic and manual scoring ensures a robust sourcing process, consistently formatted answers and centralised data.

Single source of truth

Capture all supplier information and tender activities within one platform. The centralised data is fully auditable and can be easily exported as a spreadsheet for reporting and post-event reviews.

Transformational Reporting

The powerful analytics solution and tailored dashboards help businesses transform raw spend data into actionable insights to enable better business decisions for Procurement, Finance and beyond.

Seamless integrations

Connect with existing systems or as part of our modular, integrated best-of-breed solutions, from opportunity and spend analysis to supplier management, contract lifecycle and AP. Our tools are better connected, enabling one single source of truth throughout your organisation for smarter collaboration and insight across S2P.

Fully on demand

Accelerate transformation and build the business case for positive change. The only platform that allows you to pay for and adopt the solution one sourcing event at a time. We help you demonstrate the value and ROI, you’re in complete control.

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Choose a plan that works for you

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  • (USD)

Sourcing Starter

Educate & Build

Plan, build and test your sourcing events to familiarise yourself with the environment. Pilot scenarios and build a proof of concept, de-risk innovation and plan for accelerated time to value.

Number of Users
Free to access

  • Full Sandpit Functionality
  • Create test Sourcing events
  • Experience the tool as the buyer & supplier
  • Limited to test suppliers

Simple Sourcing

Accessible & Effective

Providing you with the tools and features to rapidly run high-performing sourcing events in minutes rather than days. Self-service, and intuitive, with the additional guidance of our best-in-class live support teams.

Number of Users

(5000 For A Discounted Annual Licence)

  • Launch live events - Run simple RFx & eAuctions
  • Access extensive templates & libraries
  • Full excel integration & custom fields
  • User managment & live messaging

Pro Sourcing

Enhanced & Collaborative

Increase adoption and shared success with next level collaborative sourcing and value creation features. Accelerate productivity and domain expertise with AI-powered insights, all enhanced with a dedicated success manager.

Number of Users

(6000 For A Discounted Annual Licence)

  • AI copilot for enhanced productivity
  • Weighted events, collaborative multi scoring
  • API integration
  • Access to a dedicated account manager

Strategic Sourcing

Advanced & Future-proofed

Enterprise strategic sourcing, rich in features and customisation to support the most technical events. Built for global scale and backed with intelligent automation and powerful predictive insights.

Number of Users

(7000 For A Discounted Annual Licence)

  • Advanced multi-stage RFx & eAuctions
  • Advanced lots & partial bidding
  • Global scale - multi-currency events
  • Access to advanced analytics

Discover Our On-demand And Flexible Procurement Solutions

Market Dojo’s range of solutions includes our flagship Sourcing module that features On-Demand pricing and advanced capability to save both time and money through reverse auctions.

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Compare Plan Features

Sourcing PricingSourcing StarterSimple SourcingPro SourcingStrategic Sourcing
User Activation
Sandpit - Test environment
Live events-
Essential Features
Simple multi-round tenders / multi stage RFQ's-
RFx management & scheduling RFI, RFP, RFQ-
Forward & reverse auctions management-
Core Features
Custom fields-
*User management - *Reduced user management for monthly license -
Live messaging-
Templates libraries-
Excel Integration-
Event cloning-
Event scoring--
Collaborators - Multi-scoring--
Weighted events--
Advanced Features
White label platform--
AI dynamic questionnaires--
Sealed results--
*Bespoke URL - *Requires additional fee --
API integration--
Strategic Features
Advanced lots---
Advanced lot partial bidding---
Advanced lot hidden columns---
Advanced multi-round tenders / multi stage RFQ's---
Multi-currency events---
SSO (Google, Okta, SAML, ActiveDirectory)---
Advanced Analytics
Event dashboard & reporting-
*Access to advanced analytics (BI reporting)* - *Requires additional fee --
Capacity Management
Centralised data - storage limit per event (50GB)---
Centralised data - storage limit per event (100GB)---
Centralised data - storage limit per event (150GB)---
Best-in-class support
Email support
Live chat for hosts
Live chat for participants-
Dedicated account manager--
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Most Popular Add-Ons

Customer Experience Programs

Our purpose is to be a dedicated resource, there to help answer your questions, provide resources, and assist in your continued success.

Advanced Analytics (BI Reporting)

Visualise your procurement success. Introducing Smart Dashboards Al-powered predictive analytics:

Bespoke software developments

Additional functionality or developmental changes to the tool, these will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Project management & contracts

Build your procurement pipeline and store your signed contracts to help manage your resources effectively.

Savings tracking

Accurately forecast, track, manage and report procurement saving initiatives.

Migration of data

To aid your transition, we migrate data and supplier information from your existing repositories and solutions

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How Sourcing Works

The process diagram shows how Market Dojo Sourcing conducts sourcing events.

The software supports the creation of Requests for Information (RFIs), Requests for Quotations (RFQs), and eAuctions—all managed conveniently from a centralised platform.

Market Dojo Sourcing ensures efficiency and transparency throughout the sourcing process, empowering you to make informed decisions and achieve optimal outcomes.

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Take Sourcing to the next level.

8 simple steps to connected and automate strategic Sourcing

  • Step 1 - Evaluate your sourcing strategy to define market risk and opportunity with MD Opportunity Analysis
  • Step 2 - Access competitive markets with MD’s integrated best-of-breed partner marketplace for Supplier Discovery
  • Step 3 - Rapidly Go-To-Market, ensure the best price and drive adoption. Leverage intuitive AI driven RFx, eAuctions and Quick Quotes with MD Sourcing
  • Step 4 - Seamlessly Onboard Suppliers fast to accelerate time to value and robustly screen for compliance & ESG with MD Supplier Onboarding
  • Step 5 - Effortlessly manage your Contract Lifecycles, align policy and ensure opportunity value is not missed with MD Contract Management
  • Step 6 - Centralise and maintain data integrity. Track supplier performance and risk whilst ensuring resilience, diversity and ESG success with MD Supplier Management
  • Step 7 - Evaluate savings & performance - leverage predictive analytics and powerful actionable data to make smarter, faster decisions with MD BI Reporting
  • Step 8 - Collaborate to innovate. Refine, enhance and respond to the ever-changing markets with MD Supplier Innovation

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