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All our products are hosted in the cloud, designed by procurement professionals, easy to use and inspired to drive collaboration and innovation.


Helping manage your team’s objectives and milestones. Our tool will keep key tasks at the forefront of your teams mind, helping you to achieve your goals.


Having all supplier information and activities in a centralised hub will encourage collaboration and provide a full audit of supplier interaction.


Start with our free version and upgrade to pay as you go licencing or our enterprise package. It is designed to be self-service and customisable as you go.

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Our Supplier Relationship Management Features


Having a single source of truth for all supplier information and activities will enable your team to work collaboratively, whilst providing a full audit trail of interactions.


No two supply chains are the same. We've developed our tool to use built-in intelligence to automatically assign your supplier database into the appropriate accounts.


Keeping a log of all activities will mean projects can be kept up to date and will provide your team with automatic reminders for key reviews, activities, opportunities and risks.


Having a dashboard that keeps key objectives at the forefront of your teams mind will ensure you’re always on track to achieving your procurement targets and goals.


Assigning tasks will ensure your team know what they’re supposed to be doing, as well as when they’re supposed to be doing it. This greatly reduces the chance of projects slipping.

Supplier Relationship Tracking

Clear and concise tracking of all supplier interactions, objectives and reviews will not only speed up day to day work, but also empower your team to make better strategic decisions.


As with all of our modules they can work standalone or as part of our suite. Our open API’s means custom integrations can also be made, allowing for full integration with your ecosystem.


We have the capability to develop fully bespoke reporting that can be presented in either spreadsheet or live dashboard format elevating supplier management results to the board level.

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Evolving Supplier Relationship Management To Procurement Relationship Management

Supplier Management is a tool that manages not only your suppliers but your internal procurement team too. Looking past the traditional focus of simply savings to also include risk mitigation, improved visibility, delivery of innovation and simplified internal processes.

Our Supplier Relationship Management module helps you to create a central supplier database, allows you to log calls, meetings and activities as well as track your own strategic procurement objectives. This enables you and your stakeholders to focus on the goals that matter to your business.

Supplier Management Integrates With

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Market Dojo’s range of solutions include our latest supplier relationship management module. Creating a Best-Of-Breed Procurement Ecosystem, our SRM procurement tool streamlines the management of both your team and your suppliers. Go beyond traditional task logging through to risk mitigation, improving visibility and simplifying internal processes to move procurement to the next level.

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Compare Plan Features

Supplier Relationship Management PricingFree PlanMonthly Licence
Billed Annually (for 1 users)
Limited To 3 Users The trial version is limited to 3 users -
Unlimited Activities The trial version allows for a limited # activities per week. -
Centralised Supplier Database All your host and participants will be centralised in one database and this will also pull data from any Market Dojo product.
Log Calls, Notes And Tasks Record calls in the SRM, make notes and set activities
Internal Task Assignments Against any activity you can include relevant stakeholders.
Objective Tracking The system also allows you track internal procurement objectives and subtasks.
Smart Account Categorisation Our system will automatically connect participants together by their email domain. Thus participants from the same company but involved in multiple activities will be connected together automatically.
Seamless Integration Supplier Management integrated seamlessly with all Market Dojo products.
Bespoke Reporting This allows for PowerBI integration. -
Dedicated Account Management You will be provided with a dedicated account manager. -
Advanced User Management Our admin allows for the Super Host to manage licences and permissions.
Self Service Training We have many resources to help accessible through the help page.
Personalised Online Training As part of the onboarding your account manager will see to your person training. -
Dedicated Phone Support We provide a dedicated support number for you to use. On the free trial please only access email and live chat support. -
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